FLIR Pro 736 Thermal Optic Rifle Sight


The best of the best Thermal Optics, purchased right before FLIR decided to stop sales to the civilian market. It comes complete. Add a side mounted rechargeable power pack for additional hours of night ops operation. New in the case. Photos here are from on line, I will be adding actual photos. Here is FLIR's product description of the Pro 736; The FLIR ThermoSight PRO Series® sets a new standard in thermal image quality. With multiple features packed into a compact housing, the ThermoSight PRO Series delivers brilliant, clean thermal imagery in low contrast daylight scenes, as well as in total darkness. Equipped with shot activated video recording and FLIR’s patent pending High Visibility Technology (HVT) reticle, the FLIR ThermoSight PRO Series is the perfect addition to any hunting or security weapon platform. It is powered by the new FLIR Boson core, featuring a 12 μm pixel pitch sensor, industry leading on-chip video processing. The uncompressed video signal is paired with a high definition display for better detection and classification in the field. Covered by factory warranty. For more photos go to;

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