Dickinson 12 Gauge Inertia Semi Auto Like Beretta


This is a Beretta or Benelli copy made by AKUS in Turkey for Dickinson a US Company. This is recoil operated or Inertia as they call it. It fires 12 Gauge 2-3/4 and 3″ shells. It works fine, purchased it for my wife’s camp trailer and when we took her out to shoot it, too much recoil. Fired four rounds of #1 buckshot and that was it. There are better guns to have for a defensive firearm when camping, but considering state to state law and the possibility of bear or lion, now wolf, you need something that will deal with the danger. This conforms pretty much to every state law, so it was a sensible gun to have when traveling without me. This design was copied off of the two most costly and popular personal protection and police semi auto shotguns and works just as well, for half the price. Comes with a leather shell saddle and a hard case too.

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