Camouflage Paint Schemes for Firearms

$125 $75.00

Before duracoat finish was invented, there weren’t much options available to camouflage your firearm. You could buy tape on camo or even patterns to spray paint onto the firearm. We’ve been applying flat enamel based hobby paint to our firearms as it is available in many different colors suited to applying a camo theme to your rifle. The paint suffers through abuse and cleaning solvents and while it may scratch or chip after long term use, all it takes a a brush and some paint to “Repair” the scratch or chip. We offer hand painting of your rifle for $125.00 as it does take four to six hours plus material to apply the paint. You will need to let it harden and set for about a week after application and put up with a “Paint” odor for a little while, but when it’s done, it is hard to beat and besides serving a function, it looks good too. Here we have a POF 415, M+M M10 AK, Beretta Model 1200, (Done in the 1980’s) and a Tavor X95. The M+M 10 has been in place about 10 years now. You can drop off your firearm for painting or email us with what you’re interested in having done for a quote for more complex schemes. You can have your firearm shipped to us, but we’ll need to return it to an FFL for return transfer to you. You’ll have to pay shipping both ways. Contact us at [email protected], if you have any more questions.

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