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Murray’s Firearms and Ammunition is a FFL licensed firearm dealer in Oro Valley, (Tucson), Arizona. You can purchase firearms locally from us and you can purchase firearms from us over the internet as well.  If you’re in another state, firearms can be shipped to a local FFL dealer where you reside. You’ll need to find a local FFL dealer to accept the firearm and handle transferring it to your possession. FFL dealers charge a fee for this so be sure to shop around for the best deal. Be sure they will accept firearms on your behalf for transfer to you, as some dealers will not. When you find a local FFL dealer, they will need to provide us with a copy of their FFL license so we can to ship your purchase to them on your behalf. So you can purchase the firearm from us, make arrangements with your local dealer, but be sure the firearm is legal to own in your area. Ask your local dealer who you want to handle receipt of the firearm if it is legal for you to posses where you live. Once you’ve arranged for an FFL dealer to accept the firearm for transfer, give us a call to arrange payment if you haven’t done so already and have the FFL dealer send us a copy of their FFL License via our email. Have them let us know they are your receiving dealer acting on your behalf. Remember to provide us with your contact information so we can include that with shipment and they’ll know how to reach you for transfer. We accept all credit cards however there is a 3.5% fee for credit card use. It’s what they charge us as we’re a “Little Business.” You can also pay by Cashier’s Check, Money Order or Personal Check and do so without the CC fee. Funds will have to clear the bank before shipment. Be sure to ask for a total before remitting your payment. Arizona residents will be charged 8.6% sales tax. Shipment costs will be advised at time of purchase. You must be 18 to purchase rifles and shotguns and 21 for handguns. Any questions you need answered please email us at [email protected]. Prices do not include sales tax if you’re an Arizona Resident or shipping costs. Inquire for shipping costs. All handguns are shipped via USPS Priority Mail to your dealer and long guns are shipped via USPS ground.  Most handguns will ship for less than $35.00 and long guns for $55.00. (Usually handguns average around $25.00 and rifles/shotguns around $40.00.)

Ariska Type 99 War Trophy

$2000.00 $1800.00

Here is a WWII capture war trophy with an intact Mum, Aircraft Sights and Mono Pod. It is in good overall condition, it has strong, sharp rifling but the bore could use cleaning. The Japanese used chrome bore plating and there is no corrosion. It will clean up just fine. The wood has the usual compression dings and scratches, a real battlefield pick up. As with most of these capture rifles the bolt does not match the serial number as it was required to separate the bolt from the rifles and store them separately. When claimed by the soldier, Marine or Sailor, the rifle was handed out and a bolt picked up out of a storage container of bolts and give to the recipient. Seldom did the rifle and bolt match when this was done. This T99 was made by the Kokura Arsenal in Tokyo and is a series 23. It has a steel butt plate and is not a last ditch rifle. The Mum is intact. A great rifle for the collector and a great piece of history. The down side is the capture paper documents have been misplaced over the years. Consignment sale. For more photos go to;

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