Thank you for all the business. Understand things are not normal and we have limited storage (Safes) to hold your firearms for pick up. Once you have received notice of delivery, we will hold your firearm for 3 days without prior arrangements. After 3 days, we will charge an additional dollar a day. Some firearms are left with us anywhere from a week to a year. We cannot be so gracious and secure your firearms for extended periods of time, especially if you are local. If you call and make arrangements there will be no issue as some of  our customers “Work” out of country/state. You guys know who you are so there will be no concerns for you to worry. We will work with your needs regardless. This only applies to firearms transfers. We will store consignment sales as long as necessary to conclusion of the sale.

We’re accepting deliveries of firearms and transfers and are open. Hours are 10:00AM to 6:00PM 7 days a week. Attention customers; realize we are not a receiving center for non FFL items. If you order accessories for you rifles or handguns and they are shipped in the same package there are no issues. However, if your order items and have them sent here that can be sent to your residence, realize we have no way of separating tracking numbers for delivery packages and will require someone to wait for a delivery. As such, there will be at a minimum, a $15.00 fee to cover receiving packages for you. If they are shipped with your firearm there is no charge. In the past we have received ammunition, magazines, optics, all of which in Arizona, are lawful for you to receive at your residence.    

We now have 357 Sig, 30-06, .30 M1 Carbine, 7.62x54r, call to determine availability of other calibers.

Call us at 520-544-2660; we do not ship ammunition you must call to arrange an appointment for pick up.


I have been teaching these principles of engagement and need for hi capacity magazines and tactical rifles for years. If you have taken from me, even a class as basic as my Concealed Carry License Classes for Arizona, you would have heard me note and state the following; “You need a firearm to meet, overcome and defeat the threat. Attacks and Attackers are in numbers, especially in dealing with home invasions. You need something more than Sleepy Joe Biden’s stupid comment double barrel shotgun or a six shot revolver.” And Bloomberg is correct, if you need 30 shots to go hunting you’re a lousy shot. But that is not what the hi capacity magazine is for. We don’t need the hi capacity magazine for hunting game, but for dealing with two legged criminals who attack in armed numbers. MEET, OVERCOME AND DEFEAT THE THREAT!! Do not accept the garbage Democrats are feeding you about firearms. We have the Second Amendment but before the Second Amendment was written, we have a god given right to live and breath. Don’t let governments take that away from you! Click on the link below!

Take your firearm skills and knowledge to the next level.


Firearms Training

Our NRA certified firearm instructors offer group and individual classes including firearms training, home defense tactics, concealed carry methods, firearm maintenance and more.

 Guns & Accessories

We are an FFL dealer and we sell firearms and accessories. Check our inventory to see what’s available for sale by us or through consignment.

Firearms Services

We offer services such as firearms shipping, appraisals, tuning, smithing and maintenance.

Who We Are

Murray’s Firearms and Ammunition is a local family-owned business serving Tucson since 1977. Darrell Murray, founding owner, and his wife Brenda Murray, are NRA certified firearm instructors with decades of experience in firearms training and services.

Why Choose Us

  • We are NRA certified firearms instructors with over 40 years of experience.

  • Tucson’s trusted FFL dealer for high quality guns and equipment.

  • Decades of experience with tactical rifle, shotgun and handgun platforms, knowledgeable of WWII, WWI small arms and collectibles, as well as concealed carry methods, firearm maintenance and care, tactical defense situations, and more.

  • We’re a local, family-run business serving our Tucson community since 1977.

  • Our focus is always to teach safe firearm training and use.